Faces of Vrindavan

By Thomas Whitworth –


In the holy city of Vrindavan, Maitri supports and shelters hundreds of widows that have experienced countless hardships. Without family support, money, or jobs, many of these women arrive in Vrindavan with nothing. Maitri provides meals, skills training, friendship, and more to uplift the lives of these widows.

Mala, 54


“My husband was alcoholic and abusive. He worked as a Rickshaw Puller and barely managed to provide for the family. After his death, I had to work very hard to raise my three daughters.”

Mala was lonely and isolated. With no one to support her or care for her, she traveled to Vrindavan hoping to find spiritual peace. But in trying to survive, she didn’t feel or safe, was unable to pray, and without financial support.

When Maitri found her, Mala was in destitution, living in the streets of Vrindavan. She has been living in Maitri Ghar since 2015. Of her new home, Mala says that this is “the first time in my life I feel secure, at peace and happy.” 



“I feel at home and on pilgrimage both at the same time. Maitri Ghar gives me that opportunity.”

Kapuri used to be a loving wife and doting mother. She never imagined she would end up alone after her husband’s death. In Vrindavan, while she was on her indefinite pilgrimage, Maitri welcomed her to a safe and comfortable home for elderly destitute women.“My pooja-bhajan times are most precious to me. It gives me a great sense of peace and joy. And to be able to do that without worrying about food and shelter. That’s the gift of Maitri Ghar.”

Alka, 55


Abused and abandoned by her husband, Alka had nothing. Lonely and desperate, she went to live with her oldest son and his wife. Humiliated and abused by the son and daughter-in-law. she left home for Vrindavan, and found Maitri Ghar, where she lives today.

With your support, Maitri takes care of many abandoned women and widows in Vrindavan where they live in a clean and spacious dormitory, with their own beds and belongings. Along with food and shelter, they are able to attain the dignity and respect that they deserve. Livelihoods are restored, friendships are made, and these widows live in comfort and peace.




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