Maitrigram: Giving Children Opportunity Through Education

By Thomas Whitworth –


Maitrigram, Maitri’s After School program, provides a comfortable environment for children and adolescents to have fun and learn at the same time. Through song, dance, and reading, children get an excellent experience while supplementing their education. The children look forward to their time at Maitrigram, where they make new friends and learn new things everyday.

Maitri also provides a nutritional supplement programme, where healthy snacks and drinks are given to the children. These snacks encourage a healthy diet, and provide extra motivation for the students. Energetic, motivated, and healthy, these students come to the program ready to learn.

Maitrigram kids celebrating Republic Day

For adolescents, they can also classes in science and economics.  Maitri also offers career counselling, motivating and training youths for future careers. By teaching important life skills and job tips, they emerge ready and confident to enter the workforce.

Graduates of Maitri’s Spoken English course and Maitri staff

By empowering economically challenged young Indians, both youth and adolescents, Maitri is making an impact. Without programs like Maitrigram, many young Indians do not receive the education they need to be employed in today’s job market. Programs such as Maitrigram break the cycle that poverty perpetuates, and give the youth the tools they need to better themselves and their communities.


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