Working with children at Maitri

Hello! My name is Stephanie I am a Junior at the University of Utah but this semester I have the honor of working at Maitri in New Delhi, India. My graduation title is ridiculously long as I am studying a wide array of things: International Studies, Religious Studies, Consumer and Community Studies, and finally Entrepreneurship. This might seem like a strange combination of studies but it perfectly makes up my interests and passions. I have a passion for understanding and getting to know people from all different walks of life, with different interests and passions. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to discover themselves and make their dreams come to life.


I chose the internship with Maitri because I saw that Maitri was an organization centered around providing that opportunity to people who would not get it before. Maitri believes in educating the kids of the community and providing that extra structure and support to be able to create and follow their own dreams. Maitri not only provides that extra support for kids but for women, widows, rickshaw pullers and the elderly who face oppression in India.

Of course, I mention Maitri’s work with Kids and adolescents first because this is the group that I am working with, specifically. I am working to re-structure the kids after school program to be more organized and provide all of the extra help that the students need in order to feel confident and prepared for their futures. We are doing this in many ways such as creating classes and training the teachers in order for the students to learn leadership, innovation and creativity, confidence, and their role as a global citizen among others. We are working on restructuring this program to ensure the best possible support for the students and further growth of the program.

I am humbled every day working with the amazing people that I do. All of the employees and volunteers at Maitri are dedicated to their community and the people we are serving. By the end of my four months in Delhi I hope to be challenged, eat good food, travel, form relationships, and understand a culture other than my own. But ultimately I am hoping to understand what it takes to create an organization that is able to reach the breadth that Maitri does, to as many people as Maitri does in hopes of one day fulfilling my own dream of doing the same.

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