Helping Maitri to Help Others

My name is Thomas, and this year I’ll be finishing up bachelor’s degrees in Political Science, International Studies, and Writing at the University of Utah. I decided to come to Delhi this semester and work with Maitri for a multitude of reasons: to work for a non-western NGO, to perform impactful work in challenged communities, to experience a new place, and to make new friends. I can confidently say that my time here has already exceeded everything I had hoped for.


In the short time I’ve worked with Maitri so far, I’ve already participated in a variety of activities, both fun and charitable: painting a classroom, playing games with children, meeting struggling rickshaw pullers and more. Each of these experiences has been incredibly rewarding, and reflects a different side of the kinds of work Maitri does to help people in India. In my free time, I’ve also had the chance to sample the plethora of foods unique to this diverse country, see some of the famous pieces of history spread around the city, and experience the beautiful chaos that is Delhi.IMG_20160225_214303 (1)

There are few organizations that seek to improve and empower communities in as many ways as Maitri does. Every member of the staff is kind and confident in their mission to provide real, tangible, and impactful help for people. They work hard everyday, happy to help others in any way that they can.

Moving to one of the largest cities in the world can be overwhelming sometimes, but I’m thankful to have new friends and the staff of Maitri to help me along. Working on real issues, visiting amazing cultural locales and eating new and exotic things has made it a fun ride already. I look forward to the rest of my time here in India, helping as much as I can and enjoying new experiences along the way.


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