Life As a Widow For 40 Years

Written by Tara Rana, Communications & Fundraising Officer 

Satya lost her husband at a prime age and has been living life of a widow for last forty years. Married at thirteen, she became mother to five children by the age of twenty-five. Her children were very young when her husband passed away. At such a young age, she was left alone to shoulder the responsibility of raising five children. 


After her husband’s death, she didn’t think about re-marriage. Mainly, because her husband had been very abusive and violent and she was scared of ending up in a similar situation.

Instead, Satya worked very hard as a farm labourer to provide for her children. With her hard work and the help of her well wishing relatives and family members, she was able to raise them to become young men and women. Once her children were married, she didn’t feel comfortable living with them.

About fourteen years back, she decided to come to Radha Kund, the city of temples. Her only wish was to spend the rest of her life in singing bhajan and worshipping at these temples in hope of better life in next life – in re-incarnation.

Living in Radha Kund wasn’t without challenges. Food and shelter didn’t come easily. She had to beg for alms outside temples to afford nominal rent and food. Despite the challenges, she continued to live in Radha Kund.

Recently, she moved to Maitri’s Old Age Home where she is provided hygienic place to live with all essential amenities like bed, private closet, fan, hot running water, toilet, sitting hall and kitchen. All of it for free of cost and she can live here for the rest of her life.


At Maitri’s Old Age Home, Satya, aged 75, can finally rest and relax. She no longer has to worry about roof over her head or food on her plate. She also receives routine health check up and is being assisted to access citizenship rights such as an Identity Card, Zero Balance Bank Account and Widow’s Pension Scheme.

Surveys estimate that around 15,000 widows like Satya live in Vrindavan. Some of them have genuinely come to dedicate their life to worship in these temples but most of them have come here because they didn’t have any other place to go. Considered baggage and burden, dejected and abandoned by their children or relatives, they make this wearisome journey to Vrindavan, Mathura.

With the help of our supporters, Maitri has two Old Age Home for Widows in Vrindavan and Radha Kund housing about 150 widows. And we provide meals, fruits and milk to 100 more widows, from the neighbouring areas, everyday.

We appeal to you for standing with us in improving lives of these widows. We are unable to reach 15000 widows but we are making life better for 150 of them. Maybe you cannot help 150 widows but pledge to make a difference in life of one widow today. Donate here.

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