Beena Dassi was married at sixteen to a man twice her age.  He worked as an accountant, they owned a small house, and they had two daughters. When he got older, her husband fell ill and never received proper treatment. He passed away.  Beena’s daughters were married at that point, but her younger daughter and … More

Right to Identity for Migrant Workers

I am Angie Portel, Juris Doctor Candidate Class of 2018,  working with Maitri for the Summer Semester 2016.  As part of my Hinckley International Clinical requirements, I am writing a paper about Maitri’s outreach work with migrant rickshaw pullers in Ranchi, Jharkhand.  So far, Maitri has assisted me with interviews of seventeen rickshaw pullers at three different garages in Ranchi. … More Right to Identity for Migrant Workers