Beena Dassi was married at sixteen to a man twice her age.  He worked as an accountant, they owned a small house, and they had two daughters.

When he got older, her husband fell ill and never received proper treatment. He passed away.  Beena’s daughters were married at that point, but her younger daughter and son-in-law were facing financial hardship, so the couple started living with Beena. At first, everything was fine but soon her daughter and son-in-law wanted to own the house and it became an extreme source of conflict.

After marrying young, raising her children, losing her husband, and taking her daughter in, Beena was now being harassed in her own home.  She was being beaten and starved by her own daughter. Her son-in-law would get drunk and abuse her as well, so it eventually became too much to bear.

She came to Radha Kund and rented a room in a temple before coming to Maitri’s Old Age Home.

“If my own children can do this to me, just for a house, I don’t want to keep in touch with them,” she says.  These type of heartbreaking stories are common among the widows of Vrindavan.

To support Mairi’s Old Age Home please donate here.

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