A clean drive by community youth

On 24th of July, our community youth group of Soniya Vihar – an urban slum community in Delhi, came together with brooms, shallow pans and spades to clean the nearest park area. For a long time, the park had become a dumpster, source of foul smell and breeding of mosquitoes. Our youth group thought it was time to take responsibility and do something about it.

Untitled design (9)
Condition of the park before cleaning
The enthusiastic youth group got together at 7:30am. They started by removing stones in the park and the the debris. Even the littles ones were doing their bit.


We were able to bring the youth group together as a team and work towards keeping their surroundings clean.
In the end we were able to achieve what we were aiming for.
The park after the cleaning. Our next step will be to keep the park clean and plant trees with the help of the community members.

To learn more about our work with this community and how we are making a difference by adapting multi-pronged approach to empower children, adolescents and women in these communities click here.


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