Eye Screening Camp – helpful advice, checkup and support

Among all the senses provided by God, sense of sight is supreme. Almost, 80% of our knowledge is gained through our eyes. One out of every four persons in our country suffers from an eye problem at some point of time. The eye morbidity is mutli-factorial, infections, poor nutrition and certain socio-cultural factors are important in its causation. There is a need to control the above-mentioned factors for checking ocular diseases in early stages. But people in the low-income community due to low income visit eye doctors only when the concerns need urgent attention.

On 2nd September’2016, Maitri India partnered with The Times of India Group to organize an eye screening camp in the community and attended to around 100 individuals. The camp aimed at delivering eye care services and creating eye health awareness amongst the people.


The camp started with an announcement in the community by the team members of Sai Retina Foundation and Maitri to make the community residents aware about the free Eye Screening Camp being organized in their locality.

The team from Sai Retina Foundation had brought a mobile hospital van in which a mini Eye Checkup clinic was setup for the patients. One at a time, the patients were taken in the mobile clinic for checkup while the others patiently waited for their turn.


Major diagnosis found in the community residents was weak eyesight and cataract. Those who needed spectacles for a clear eye vision, a special counter was set up where the spectacles where being given out at subsidized rates. About 15 people availed the facility and took spectacles for a clearer and better vision.


In just a few hours, the medical professionals had doled out helpful advice, checkup and support for around 100 people in need. Every single person from the community was incredibly kind and gracious to both Maitri staff and doctors, appreciating the time and work invested in their wellbeing.

Learn more about this project here.


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