Supportive Education for Disadvantaged Children

Working with children is one of the most rewarding things we can do. They immediately return it with the most heart-melting smile.

_mg_9489_largeIn the last quarter, we continued to hold After-school classes for children from low-income communities in two co-locations. The students we have are aged five to sixteen. Our teachers are able to give them individual attention, which they don’t normally get in school because of bigger size of the classes. Our overall goal is to enhance their understanding, better their academic performance and enrich their holistic development. Recently, we integrated Life Skill Education into the after-school classes as a regular feature. These classes are held once a week by a trained staff who teaches through games and other lively activities.

Children also had exposure to a variety of other activities contributing to their holistic growth.

In June, during their summer vacation, we held summer camp for three weeks. Our children got to learn music, arts, dance, drama and academics. To make this a great experience, we had young volunteers from Sanskriti School, professionals from Mac Grow Hill and interns from Bhim Rao Ambedkar College who brought an array of fun and colourful activities.

The children absolutely loved all the activities of the camp and were very enthusiastic to show their parents all that they had learnt this summer. On the last day of the camp we invited all their parents and decorated the class-room with all their arts and craft. It was truly a heart-warming sight. The children put on a beautiful program of song, poetry and dance. Everyone enjoyed the performances. After the program we had a small party for the children and the parents, which they enjoyed thoroughly. By the end of the three weeks, the children, the volunteers, and all of us had many beautiful and happy memories to take home.

dsc_0485_1_largeCome July, monsoon season had started in Delhi. It was perfect time to plant tree saplings and make our surrounding green. In association with Delhi Rotary Club, our children planted 100 trees in two parks near the Maitri’s school and the office, so the kids will take care of the plants and get to watch them grow throughout the year.

On 15th of August, to celebrate 70 years of Independence of India, we organised a grand celebration with the community in which children from our after school program performed on songs to celebrate the freedom and culture of India.

Girl Power – Rupa’s story 

img_1172_largeRupa, although new to Maitri, certainly leaves a lasting impression on people she meets with. She is a particularly strong and independent young women. She is 16-years-old and studies in 9th standard. Her dad is not present in her life, as he is still in their village Jharkhand. She lives with her mom, who is her hero. Her mom works hard to provide for her and her siblings. Rupa is compassionate and she genuinely loves to help people.

She came to the Maitri After-school Programme because she wanted a female teacher. When asked why that was so important to her, she explained because she doesn’t like being touched and harassed by boys. Not surprisingly, Rupa was wearing a “Girl Power” shirt when we met her. When asked what “Girl Power” meant to her. Rupa strongly believes that it means that girls should be able to protect themselves. We are so glad you are here, Rupa. We look forward to getting to know you more at Maitri!

We are so grateful for each and every one of your support. Your contribution makes it possible for children from low-income community to enjoy supplementary education and educative activities. Thank you once again for your support!

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