Widows of Vrindavan


She was 15, he was 30

Her life was filled with colors bright
But now what remains is only white

They say marriage is an institution
Then why the widow is treated as an exclusion

No no no, dont treat her as a burden
This is the same mother who gave up all for her children

All she craves is a little affinity
Leaving all behind, she heads towards divinity

Seeing a thousand others she has a sense of association
Deep down, even she has a lot of emotion

All she wants now is to be with her Lord
She sings enchanting bhajans to strike a chord

Rekindled with joy and happiness
She no longer has a feeling of loneliness

As she gazes at the temple dome
She has found a home away from home

– written by Shrey Bhatia | Maitri Intern | NMIMS, Mumbai

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