Founded in 2005, Maitri is a nonprofit on a mission to empower destitute widows, rickshaw pullers, and underserved women, adolescents and children from economically challenged communities to have equal opportunity to live healthy, financially secure, and meaningful lives.

Brief History:

In 2005, Lt. General Bhopinder Singh (Retd) and Winnie Singh founded Maitri upon identifying the need for support for members of the Uniformed Services affected by HIV/AIDS.  In 2007, Maitri expanded its reach to underserved children of economically challenged communities in Delhi by providing them After School Program and Vocational Training opportunities.  Later in 2008, Maitri began working in the area of Domestic Violence under Project Samvedana. Since it’s inception, Maitri has worked with over 45,000 individuals on the issues of social and health inequities and public health concerns through education, community outreach, networking, and legal advocacy. Today, Maitri has five active projects serving the most marginalized and vulnerable population.

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