World Earth Day 2017

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2017 Sankalp Taru Foundation collaborated with Maitri in order to create an impact on young minds of children who are the most important medium and tool of creating a better and greener future. Sankalp Taru foundation is a NGO working for making earth greener and decreasing the carbon … More World Earth Day 2017


Before Class

Once again Maitri’s doors opened for a set of young enthusiastic minds. They entered the ‘After School Programme’ class run by Maitri which provided them guidance with their studies after school hours. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The class brain, the class clown, the pair of Siamese twin’s friends, the shy one, the … More Before Class

Supportive Education for Disadvantaged Children

Working with children is one of the most rewarding things we can do. They immediately return it with the most heart-melting smile. In the last quarter, we continued to hold After-school classes for children from low-income communities in two co-locations. The students we have are aged five to sixteen. Our teachers are able to give … More Supportive Education for Disadvantaged Children

Eye Screening Camp – helpful advice, checkup and support

Among all the senses provided by God, sense of sight is supreme. Almost, 80% of our knowledge is gained through our eyes. One out of every four persons in our country suffers from an eye problem at some point of time. The eye morbidity is mutli-factorial, infections, poor nutrition and certain socio-cultural factors are important … More Eye Screening Camp – helpful advice, checkup and support

Beena Dassi was married at sixteen to a man twice her age.  He worked as an accountant, they owned a small house, and they had two daughters. When he got older, her husband fell ill and never received proper treatment. He passed away.  Beena’s daughters were married at that point, but her younger daughter and … More